New Orleans 10/31/2018

Equipment: Canon t3i rebel, canon 4d mark iii 50 mm

New Orleans Lousiana

Focus: Voodoo, death, darkness, creepy, rust, bars, architecture, light, Halloween, cracks, growth, windows, lines, cycles, strength that environment has on subject


Thoughts going forward: Moss as Rust- enviorment wise

2B5A12472B5A12492B5A12562B5A12592B5A12602B5A12892B5A1295IMG_1209IMG_1212IMG_1231IMG_1242IMG_1248IMG_1250IMG_1253IMG_1255IMG_1259IMG_1262 2IMG_1264IMG_1266Version 22B5A12202B5A12212B5A12402B5A12442B5A1251IMG_1177IMG_1241IMG_1243IMG_1245IMG_1247IMG_1269IMG_1270 2IMG_1216IMG_1241 22B5A12282B5A1229 22B5A12292B5A12312B5A12552B5A1264IMG_1236 2IMG_1236IMG_1244IMG_1271 copy2B5A1235


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