Street Photography

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Class Assignment:


I approached this woman during the afternoon on a Saturday. She had been at a “sober rave” that began at 9 a.m and was friendly and very open to having her photo taken and eager to recruit for her rave sessions. I don’t always feel comfortable taking a strangers photo, however after talking with her for a little bit (after asking her for a light *smoking is a very bad but efficient way of learning people’s stories) I felt extremely comfortable with this stranger. I decided to use photoshop to juxtapose the two images because i found the one on the left to be very raw in contrast to the posed one on the right.

My inspiration came from my personal style. I wandered the streets of  central London until something truly caught my eye. It so happens that the women whose distinct style caught my eye was also one of the kindest people i’ve yet to meet! I also know a fair amount about the “current” fashion trends and know that Gucci, a high end brand, is currently producing fanny packs (pictured above). 6a0133f1910213970b0192aa7c5204970d-800wi.jpg

I agree, wholeheartedly, that what is seen being worn on the streets and in everyday life becomes a staple and an inspiration for modern fashion. Though my stranger may look a little outrageous, her colors, items, and creativity are ultimately what inspires designers (gucci for example) to replicate her basic look.


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London Street Fashion:



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