FOAM: Amsterdam


William Eggleston: Los Alamos


While living in Europe, i’ve often found myself home-sick for America, and Eggleston’s photographs have always assuaged that feeling. He has an uncanny knack for capturing all that is raw in America and therefore all that resonates as real to me. I’m constantly inspired my Eggleston’s photos and how his photos have an ability to be interpreted as simplistic or deeply contrived with underlying meaning and definitions. I admire his indefinable attitude and impeccable eye and was thrilled to be able to see his photos in person.

My personal focus on rust has drawn me to this photo by Eggleston. I love rust as a subject matter and his composition of rust is both intriguing and inspiring. 

Daisuke Yokata: Matter

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I was so enamored with Yokata’s ‘Matter’ exhibition because of how original and how striking his display was. As seen below, the giant strips of film and then his act of burning all he created, left such an empowering and unforgettable print upon me. I’m very inspired to break boundaries and capture audiences in a way as striking as Yokatas.

IMG_5154 (1)IMG_5159IMG_5162IMG_5164



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