Dead Flowers

Inspired by the Rolling Stones song, Dead Flowers, I wanted to capture not only the obvious beauty of flowers but the imperfections that exist as well. Dead Flowers is a series that captures flowers that are no longer in their living form or enviroment. I’ve used elements such as snow and smoke, as well as specifically capturing dying flowers to show a rougher side to something beautiful.

Dead Flowers- The Rolling Stones



IMG_6299 copyIMG_6301 copyIMG_6306IMG_6331

IMG_6215IMG_1525IMG_6117IMG_2860IMG_2870IMG_2872IMG_2887IMG_2897IMG_2906IMG_3674IMG_4119IMG_4120IMG_4227IMG_4228IMG_4268harsh purple denverIMG_2853IMG_2867IMG_2868IMG_2886

IMG_7253IMG_2905IMG_2292 copyIMG_2283IMG_2290



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