Live: Rust was inspired by the natural beauty of objects that have rusted and are still rusting. Forces outside of mans control have created beautiful textures and colors in the form of rust. Perhaps rust is so common that many people overlook its beauty everyday and therefore don’t realize the unintentional and natural art that lays before their own eyes. Once I noticed how unique and exquisite rust was I began noticing it all around me.chelsea_beck_01chelsea_beck_2IMG_9031IMG_9315Version 2chelsea_beck_3chelsea_beck_4chelsea_beck_5IMG_9025Version 2slide042img_8716img_0745img_3548img_8426img_8556img_8558img_8703img_6142img_6155img_6159img_6160img_6170img_6171img_6195img_6196img_6198img_6199img_6201img_6202img_6204-1img_6204img_6206img_6207img_6237img_6245img_6249img_6252img_8512img_8712img_8782img_6151-1

Photo Locations:


-Denver, Colorado

-New York City, New York

-Galway, New York

-San Marcos, Texas

-Dawlish, England

-Woodstock, New York                                                                                                                                                  -Brighton,England

To further research my project, I began creating my own rust. I took objects such as tin can tops, coins, screws, and lighter tops, as well as many other randomly found objects and began experimenting. I created multiple jars with aerated holes on the top and soaked the objects in different chemicals including nail polish remover, bleach, grapefruit juice, salt water, and lemon juice, and had them sit over the course of two months. I wanted to understand what chemicals caused what colors or textures and how the manipulation and beauty of rust was ultimately created. Many of the objects formed rust in various textures, colors and forms. While playing “ mother nature” by mixing objects and chemicals to form rust, I became further intrigued with the idea of manipulating objects. After the concept of manipulation took hold, I began to saturate and crop the images in after process to intensify their natural state.

IMG_8680IMG_8689IMG_8690IMG_8692IMG_8694IMG_8698IMG_8699IMG_8700Version 2IMG_8712 (2)IMG_8712IMG_8723IMG_8734 (1)Version 3IMG_8756


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