From Dusk Til Dawn


You are being commissioned by a government agency dealing with urban regeneration.
They require a series of images showing an area and the activities that occur within it,
between dusk and dawn. The pictures will be used to illustrate an article about the
importance of nocturnal activities when considering planning change. You are to
produce a series of three pictures illustrating the title “dusk till dawn”


Where i’m currently living in Kings Cross there is construction everywhere you turn. In a few years I am sure that the area will be unrecognizable from what it is today. Rather than capture the grander activities and regeneration occurring in Kings Cross, I wanted to capture exactly how the regeneration appears from my window in the Kings Cross Urbanest.

In my single room only one window actually opens and it is covered by a steel layer of bars or a grate. Upon further investigation I discovered these are put in place to prevent residents from jumping from the windows. I was inspired by the personal effect the bars create within the picture because it truly shows what I see when I look out my window from dusk until dawn.





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