“The Face of Greta Garbo”


(photos: ISO 200, aperture f 5.6)

The inspiration behind these shots:

The Face of Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull, known as “the man who shot Garbo”, was a portrait photographer who worked for movie studios during “The Golden Age” of Hollywood (late 1920s- early 1950s).  He had an“early fascination with creating mood and atmosphere by using low lighting levels (in some cases solitary candles).

Recreated in the studio using the: vintage theater stage light spotlight:501d056b0d594fa54711faf14999e970 

I love the drama that Sinclair Bull’s work evokes. I find that this lighting used today is a style i’d love to work with more and familiarize myself with because it adds such a story to the portrait that your shooting. It can create many different moods and stretch them to be as dramatic as possible. It also allows the subject to be shrouded by mystery which makes you want to take a closer look or learn more about the story being the person in the portrait.


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