“Forgotten Magic: Loch Ness 2016”

For the assignment “Forgotten” I wanted to convey two things. The first being how I choose to forget my worries by immersing myself in fairy tales, folklore, myths, magic and legends. Loch Ness in Scotland evokes all of the above with its unexplained stories of water monsters and there is a very magical aura that surrounds the place.

I also believe that people have forgotten that magic and mystery still exists in the world, and wanted to photograph a place that has yet to forget this concept.

I distorted the photo using a fish eye lens rather than photoshop because I didn’t want to manipulate reality by using a computer, I wanted to show the raw magic that this place inspired in me. By distorting the photo, it adds an element of non reality to the story i’m trying to tell and almost creates a “mysterious figure” by warping the waves on the bottom.


Inspiration: Lochness Monster, Lochness, Scotland



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